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Creating Networks

Our events facilitate the coming together of buyers and suppliers to exchange ideas, meet new people, make new contacts and learn new things. We have developed a unique and special model for harnessing the power of an event to reach its full potential.


Our events are recognised for their professionalism and their quality and for the value they deliver to the complete range of stakeholders. Innovation plays a big part in this and the ability to continuously appeal to a global audience. 


Shared value is also important within the approach we adopt, our events have won awards for their sustainability and their careful attention to detail and to the use of resources and energy. We are working to the highest standards in event management set out by ISO certification and through our own systems and procedures.


World class events that attract global audiences running to the highest recognised standards in the industry is the mantra for our event business.

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Alexony Maritime

World leading events and management services for the maritime industry



Expertise and Resources

Our company has been operating for 25 years and has built an enviable reputation in the field for excellence in what we do and for our sustainable approach.


We have an extensive resource capability from our office and from our dedicated production warehouse in Colchester in Essex, UK, alongside our London sales office. With an international profile and a team who work all over the globe we extend our reach to most locations on the planet. Previous projects have taken us to Brazil, California, Peru and Japan and we maintain a regular event in Singapore as well as in Athens.


We are expert event managers and marketers and we provide the full and complete event management service.





Marketing is about creating value. In order to create value, organisations consider the full scope of marketing from research and development, pricing strategies through to marketing communications. We are marketing experts; experienced in both the science and the art of the craft. Central to our activity is always the customer and the wider stakeholder groups with which we work, this is where continual progress and growth can be achieved and sustained.


We are innovation champions and proficient in harnessing the full power of creativity. Idea generation and creative thinking are the cornerstones of our philosophy and are deeply embedded in the culture of our company. We love to explore new ideas and new thinking and we maintain a healthy respect for the need to change, evolve and grow as individuals and as an organisation.


Our creative capabilities and our marketing know-how combine to provide a convincing business proposition and the know-how to help us grow and craft our portfolio of events and work.

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